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Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation is the Yankee Clipper Council’s Boy Scout camp featuring six weeks for summer adventure with your Troop or with our Provisional troop and a seventh week featuring our specialty and EXTREME! Programs. We have activities for everyone from Project Green for first year campers to C.O.P.E., A2,  and EXTREME! programs for more experienced campers and Scoutmasters. 



Our Mission

Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation is for boys entering 6th to 12th grade or up to 18 years old.

The mission of at Wah‐Tut‐Ca Scout Reservation is to provide recreation, training, growth, and adventure to Scouts. As part of the Yankee Clipper Council’s Culture of Camping, Wah-Tut-Ca supports, children, young adults and Scout Units with exceptional Scout camping experiences.  

Wah‐Tut‐Ca’s natural environment presents an ideal location for the youth involved in Scouting programs to grow and develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since 1937 Wah‐Tut‐Ca has always provided young people with a safe and nurturing environment with experiences that last a lifetime.


Wah‐Tut‐Ca Scout Reservation is located on Northwood Lake in Northwood, New Hampshire, about 60 miles north of the heart of the Yankee Clipper Council and halfway between Concord and Portsmouth, New Hampshire along Routes 4 & 202.


Land History

Before European Discovery, tribes of the Pennacook Nation inhabited the land. It is believed to be a stop along the route for native peoples traveling from the Merrimack River and the seacoast. In colonial times it was the site of the Swain family farm until 1917. It was purchased by the Greater Lowell Council in February 1936 and opened on July 4, 1937.

Wah-Tut-Ca Entrance 1937

A Place To "Eagerly search for what is over there"...

With more than 325 acres of heavily wooded forest, less than one‐quarter of the camp is developed. Adventure and excitement abound in the many primitive and unspoiled areas of natural wilderness. Wah‐Tut‐Ca is situated in a unique location in Southern New Hampshire.

Wah-Tut-Ca has more than a mile of shoreline on Northwood Lake, one of the largest lakes any Boy Scout Camp. It has hundred foot cliffs that include smugglers caves. A number of brooks and streams running through camp.

Wah-Tut-Ca is ideal for the study of nature. Wah‐Tut‐Ca is home to a diverse collection of plants and animals including several endangered species, a vernal pool teaming with life, a wide variety of geological features, and a 'Standing Stone, believed to have been created by Native Americans. Some of its trees are among the oldest leaf bearing trees in North America.


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