A half week overnight experience designed especially for Webelos Scouts
  Lone Tree Scout Reservation – Kingston, NH

Session 1: Sunday August 5th-Wednesday August 8th                                   
Session 2: Thursday August 9th-Sunday August 16th-20th
Noon on the first day to noon on the last day

Camp So-Kee-Tay

Camp So-Kee-Tay is a four day, three night overnight experience designed especially for Webelos Scouts and held at Lone Tree Scout Reservation in Kingston, NH. Two sessions will be held this year, Sunday August 5th through Wednesday August 8th and Thursday August 9th through Sunday August 12th. Camp starts after lunch on the first day listed and ends after an evening campfire on the last day.

Everything in the Webelos program is more challenging than the things the younger boys in the other camps do. These age appropriate activities provide Webelos Scouts the opportunities to acquire skills that make them more self reliant. They can explore Country Pond in canoes, explore the Lone Tree on the hiking trails and complete physical and mental challenges they first thought were beyond their abilities. A week at So-Kee-Tay will help jump start Webelos into Boy Scouts. All of the Lone Tree facilities will be available during So-Kee-Tay and an emphasis will be put on learning advanced skills with boys of their own age.
So-Kee-Tay activities include:

  • Nature
  • Archery
  • BBs
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Showmanship
  • Crafts
  • Indian Lore
  • First Aid
  • Scout Skills
  • Sports
  • Fort Preble
  • Challenge Course
  • Swimming
  • Boating

Additional info:

  • Each Cub Scout will receive a camp T-shirt to be used as a camp uniform
  • All meals will be provided in the Lone Tree Dining Hall
  • Adults who volunteer as den escorts for the week will receive discounts for their boys
  • An up-to-date medical form (link to Base Camp) is required for all boys and adults
  • Families are invited to join us for a closing ceremony on the last day of each session

For Forms and other information visit Base Camp